Platinum Heavy duty cement



Heavy duty performer is someone who wins every fight with strength and grit, who knocks out his opponents with incredible performance every time, who lasts long with proven durability and withstand the stresses of demanding usage. This heavy duty ability is indeed the source of inspiration for us to design a truly innovative cement which embodies heavy duty in each & every particle.

At JK Organization, it is our relentless pursuit to focus on minor details that go behind building your dreams. We always strive to bring you products that adhere to global standards, conform to your needs and deliver beyond your expectations.

Our latest offering to you, Platinum Heavy Duty Cement is nothing but our obsession towards total quality control. Right from the attention paid to the best quality limestone to the blending of high reactive fly ash or from the addition of reinforced fibres to the installation of machines equipped with “Superior PSD Technology”, we have taken utmost care to bring you the best. It is with precision and affection, Udaipur Cement Works Limited are proud to present you Platinum Heavy Duty Cement.

Why Platinum Heavy Duty Cement?

The demand for a superior cement product, which fulfills the diverse and new age construction needs of India requires the fusion of new technology and innovative ideas. That is why, to ensure that such a product comes to life, we have created truly advanced cement with some amazing benefits.

Best Cement, Amazing Benefits

    Superior PSD Technology

  • 10% more Volume
  • High initial strength
  • Superior workability
  • Fast setting
  • Super finish of the plaster
  • Less water requirement during mixing
  • More coverage in less effort

    Reinforced Fibers

  • World class technology
  • Reduced shrinkage cracks
  • Superior bonding on reinforcement bars
  • Excellent for pre-cast works
  • Minimum rebound loss-less wastage

    Technical Services

  • Team of highly experienced & trained civil engineers
  • Cover blocks
  • Guidance on good
  • construction practices
  • Vibrator facility

    Best Practices, Perfect Results

    Make the most of your Platinum Heavy Duty Cement by using it as per the following guidelines.

  • Use cover blocks (spacers) below the reinforcement bars to keep the bars at place.
  • Use vibrator for upto 25% increase in the strength of concrete.
  • Excess water is like a poison for the concrete, use maximum 26 litres of water per bag
  • Use shuttering tapes to prevent the leakage of slurry from fresh concrete
  • Curing
    • Use only clean water for curing
    • Start curing as soon as the concrete hardens i.e. no nail/thumb impression on freshly laid concrete
    • Properly curing should be done for 7-10 days.

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